First know who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.


 I spent hours in my grandfather's closet admiring those sharp, creased, perfectly cuffed, high draped khaki pants.  He had a couple of wide brim Stacey Adams hats that made my mouth water  Being from Chicago, the "Steppaz" capital, the flashy influences kept my eyes wide open  He had this tweed red and white hounds-tooth pattered jacket with these beautiful shoes that matched.  Needless to say, his closet was embedded in my mindset and influenced the boutique's fashion concept..  

 THE TRANSITION brought on some "worst dressed" days.  Every now and again, however, my creative spirit will be matched with the perfect items of clothing and resulted in a headlining outfit.

My mom had this red business blazer that zipped up.  It was cut just right and fit my good curves just right and broadened my shoulders.  Matched with my black wide legged pant I bought from the clearance rack of a "big girl" store and my alligator like quarter boot, I had a hit!  The compliments from this outfit inspired me to push the limits further.

 "COMING OUT" was slow but sure. The universe granted me sight. Enter in, the Men's stores.  So, when I could afford to shop for all I wanted, the courage to shop like men was blessed upon me.  But,  shopping was like putting a 10000 piece puzzle together. No one store understood what I needed nor had all I wanted. Most times, all I received were strange stares and bad service.  

Men and women's stores for my shoes, women's store for my underwear, a big girl store for my pants.  Because of my heft, I needed wide legged pants. The men''s store for my shirts.  They were enticing but only fit my breast...not my neck.  The vests were either plain, shiny, or gaudy. Any specialty item would be a needle in the haystack...a walking stick, a pocket watch, or even a cigar.  Researching ten different stores to be comfortable just to put together one outfit was taxing but taught me how to be resourceful.


So, once I added men's attire, including ties, vests, blazers... I grew tired of having to find stores every time I relocated.  When I went to school for my MBA in Project Management I created this boutique for courageous Dapper Androgynous Girls like myself, in my Marketing class and it was a hit.  Confirmation to move forward.

As a result, I collected my experiences and my influences and the BOUTIQUE F.A.G. was born.  This boutique is here to help you GET DRESSED, customize your wardrobe with unique timeless interchangeable fashion (notice my straw hat on 3 different outfits).  Also, to give you access to all those dapper accessories,  employ a community, and give back to the disenfranchised.  Another goal is to have a Style Concierge near you to give you the hands on experience you deserve.  We're trying to reach to Dapper Kings world wide and keep the cost competitive.  

"A neighborhood that works, is a neighborhood that works" -The Dapper Monkey


A Greek philosopher, former slave, who gave us that quote "First know who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly...".   Watching an HBO series, this quote called to me.  I dress according to who I am and who I was made to be..  It lends to me a confidence that helps me understand being me is absolutely NO CHOICE! I tried to play the game, but that was miserable.  This boutique is to e all we need it to be...ONE STOP CUSTOM SHOP!

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do"

His quotes were dope.  As a strong woman, raised by strong women, I know the strength in MY TRUTH.  I also know how to gird myself accordingly. "To thine own self be true".

As a result, I walk the masculine line without denouncing my womanhood...I love it too much.  But this King inside is a beast that needs to live.  The boutique supports that.

Who Am I


A Pharaoh.  Did you know women were Kings  and also wore attire to adorn their power. c15th-century BC Hatshepsut ruled as a pharaoh.  Check it out  

Yessir. Exception to the rule is our way of life. We are women who rule our Kingdom and do so in the suave', the "James Bondy" , the debonair, the dapper gear that is menswear.  Women's clothing are cool too, but lack that take charge cut and angle a jacket or vest adds to our outer appearance.  And the ties..oooh my the ties.  Bow or neck tie and my my.  Menswear comes with toys, like pocket watches and suspenders  and we boiz want to play.  

But wait, being a woman i can put pearls on with my bow tie! I can not have this much fun in a dress.  I've been influenced by so much growing up in Chicago.  And like Chicago, the boutique's style is timeless, eloquent, and unique.  

The boutique is my life in review.

Mom, who nicknamed me "Monkey" would always say...Get up and Get Dressed!  I know yours did also.  It's how we were brought up.  Get up...It's time to take over the world Pinky. Dress accordingly!

Bottom line, this Dapper Monkey needed to move forward and service like minded Kings and help them Get Dressed.  Providing dapper accessories for the Derby or night out on the town.  A cigar to accent that after 5 brandy.  A pocket watch to dangle or a lapel pin or broach just because it's smooth, suspenders just because, body-shapers and boxers, and custom made shirts, vests, jackets, pants, jeans, shoes, boots, and more ...ALL IN ONE PLACE!

the BOUTIQUE F.A.G. wants to be a part of your everyday life.  You should have a customized closet and a concierge to service your needs without going broke.  


Furthermore, ask a shelter near you about us.  if they haven't heard, tell them they can enter the Quarter Lottery to receive 10% of quarterly profits.  Why quarterly?  Funding is not a holiday and should be given at higher frequency than annual or even semi annually.  People need to eat everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.


The boutique is creating NEW for YOU, everyday.  New designs that work for you.  As a utilitarian, some of my clothes should be useful.  For example, our shirts are made with a third pocket for the handkerchief.  Sometimes, you don't want to layer.  We'll release information when we're close to production.  .



There are no extra fees for extra large sizes, customization, nor monograms...Yes all FREE!

I believe in building equity in those who build the empire.  Together can we feed our community. We're just ordinary people living out loud.  

We own who we are...un-apologetically!

-The Dapper Monkey! 

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  • I’m so proud of you King!!!!! Everything looks amazing!!! Please keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Eskridge

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