About US

Not just a a designer, clothier, or a shop...F.A.G. is your Style Concierge and Thomas King is my Alter Ego catering to our straight male fan base.

We are commissioned to expand your wardrobe with unique looks within your budget. 



  F.A.G. (For Androgynous Girls) is for, but not limited to, the Dapper women who wear men's clothes because it's their lifestyle. FAG brings back the old fashioned way of dress.  F.A.G.  staff of talented Style Concierge will be submissive to your needs and dress you from head to toe. Remember when the wife would iron, lay out, and dress you in your finest to ensure a top notch representation that the husband is cared for?  Something like that.  



 F.A.G. provides, not only apparel, full shopping and consultation services. At the Boutique, you can select from our featured designs and customize your size add a monogram.  Your second option would be to work with a Style Concierge.  Your Style Concierge will host a consultation to address your needs and guide you through to the delivery...providing a full dress experience.  


​Now!  Dapper women are everywhere and we need clothes. F.A.G. is the dapper choice for you.


  Online for now. We're currently searching for candidates to be local.  We need Style Concierge to give the personal touch across the nation.  That way we can bring the boutique to your home. 


  Because you are uniquely made. This lifestyle is courageous, fierce, mature, intelligent, and unapologetic. Finding a place to support it can be challenging.  Ergo, the BOUTIQUE F.A.G.  Your clothes express who you are.  

  The population of women who wear men's clothing is growing  and F.A.G. wants you to look your best in all you do.  Good service and good support to provide a place to safely call our own.  F.A.G. and those alike, pay homage to those who have paved the way for us to live outside of the closet...so we must look our best.

  Lastly, Why "F.A.G."?  We understand the word "fag" has a negative connotation.  It was created to destroy a community.  However, it's not the word but the action that harms.  So, I don't believe in the word, but the action behind it. F.A.G. is driven to uplift the LGBT community and all who support it.   So with our efforts, we'll work hard to remove the hurt, harm, and shame from this word replace it with some confidence to rise above it and show the world who we are; mothers, families, educated, cultured, talented, artistic, and we wear it well.

Now that you have the fundamental understanding of why F.A.G. is here, explore, shop, give your feedback, tell a friend, and Support the MOVEMENT


Thitia Eskridge, 

Founder, Client, Owner