Careers At F.A.G.

I'm always seeking ambitious independent goal oriented individuals!


Your mission:  Help the client Get Dressed according to their preferences.

Working for the boutique means working independent of punching a typical 9-5 clock.  As an Independent Contractor, you create your agenda according to the F.A.G. culture and goals.  Critical thinking and self discipline is required.

Getting clients dressed can be a task, measurements, local resources, the right look...etc.  That being said, your performance is reviewed in a 30 day probation period to see how well you work through obstacles to exceed our clients' expectations.   Afterwards, a mutual decision will be made to offer a contract.

 Application Instructions:

1. Review the website.  Take a look around at the inventory and the website's sources.

2. In contact fields below...submit your Letter of Intent describing the website as if you are showing a client around the shop, include the position you are applying for and then tell why you wish to work for the BOUTIQUE, including how you can be an asset in the capacity you've chosen.

2. Submit your resume.

Keep in mind to think outside of the box.  I'm only looking for ambitious personalities.  Genuine nature born sales persons.   


(open) PROMOTIONS- The ideal candidate has a social media following.  A YouTube channel...heavy twitter following.  

Expectations - Simply plug the boutique twice daily and direct their audience to the link and the incentive to use their code.  

Ex.  Click the link below and tell'em "TheShowman" sent you and receive %10 Off 

Compensation - $5 for every customer that uses your code to make a purchase.  Weekly distribution.

Apply:  See Application Instructions above


(closed) APPOINTMENT SETTER -  A great phone personality is ideal for this position.  They know how to acquire leads by dialing 50-100 numbers without flinching.  The appointment setter that generates a new lead and sets the appointment...gets $15/per.  

ExpectationsThe APPOINTMENT SETTER will peruse the emails from the sites and close the deal on consults.  

A short script ... Hello my name is Cheryl and I am calling to confirm your appointment to get dressed with your Style Concierge Ms. Portia.  Yes,  I just wanted to go over a few expectations with  you.  

From that point,  you review their interests if listed, confirm date and time, then collect the non refundable deposit for the Style Concierge by sending the link for payment.  

copy and paste to email message: 

Compensation - $10 for every customer that submits their $50 nonrefundable fee.


(closed) STYLE CONCIERGE -  This is a closer position....If you are confident in your sales genius, this is for you.  

Expectations:  Ideal candidate is the "femme fatale" who is more comfortable in stilettos than flats.  She has a keen fashion sense and is the clients' ; Consultant, personal shopper, Liason. administrative guru for follow up and customer retention...etc to help them GET DRESSED.

 The leader in this role will be submissive to her clients needs and efficiently exceeds expectation. She displays sophistication, intelligence and grace in all she does.

Compensation $35/per client plus 10% commission to start.

Apply: See Application Instructions above


We'll speak soon!