What is F.A.G.?

Well, F.A.G. is a acronym For Androgynous Girls.  The boutique is for the Dapper Lesbian to acquire custom made apparel to fit lifestyle and body type.  

Why do i pay a fee for a Style Concierge?

No no, the $50 is not to customize.  You're initiating the services of a Style Concierge to help you GET DRESSED.  Either customizing one item or creating a custom closet.  Once you hire a Style Concierge, she's all in to provide you the desired experience: consultation, look options, data retention, and keeping you aware of specials.  

What does this boutique have that no one else has?

Free customizing, free monogram, and no fee for larger sizes (3x and up).  All that and our prices are still competitive.  Also, we try hard to make sure you don't look like everyone else.  Lastly, one of our goals is to employ across the nation.  A virtual boutique allows F.A.G. to reach the masses across the nation.  But we'd like your Style Concierge to be able to show up and assist in getting you dressed. So, we're training and employing as many as possible so we can make the virtual experience an option vs. being the required method.  Hopefully, we're employing someone near you.