No tailor? No Problem!

Grab your tape measure and consider the following;

Mirror  standing in front of the mirror so that you can see the measurements 

Neck   place your index finger between tape and neck for a comfortable measurement.

Chest   How do you want your shirts to fit?  Do you bind your breasts?  Bind and measure across the fattiest part.  Do have that one bra that you wear when you get dressed? Put the bra on and measure across the fattiest part or nipple.

Waist  depends on how you wear your pants...across the stomach or under.  Measure accordingly.

Hip   Measure across the buttock..the fattiest part.  Be sure not to pull it tight.

Other measurements are taken dependent on your preference.  For example your 

Sleeve Length  From the shoulder blade to the wrist is proper.   Shirts should be to the wrist.  Hold your hand straight out, then bend back.  See that line, measure from blade to there.

 The jacket and shirt can be slightly different.  Especially if you're showing off a new pair of cuff links.  Make the sleeve length on the jacket, a quarter inch shorter than your shirt.  

The Overcoat covers all.  So make that measurement a quarter of an inch longer than your shirt. 

Shoes  our shoes come in  standard men sizes.  But we NEED your length and width and the size you normally wear (men's)...for the best fit.

Vest Length / Shirt Length / Jacket Length  how long/short do you like it.  

Vests can be the curtain to the spectacular belt.  So, put on the pant with belt and measure where you want the bottom of the vest to hit.  The "Angle Cut" bottom is best for this display.  Measure at your waist line.

 For shirts that you do not tuck your shirt, make sure it's long enough to wear un-tucked.  Ex. Measure to the top of your buttock or thigh.

Jackets are the same... however you like to wear them.  Shorter jackets accent the hip area.  Larger size jackets should cover hip area.  


Tailoring includes that one additional inch for slack for movement in the clothes.  However, every body type is different. So for additional comfort, don't pull the tape measure tight, place one finger between the body and tape measure.  This is the measurement you'd want to submit.