A Word From The Owner...

A Word From The Owner...

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My name is Thitia, phonetically..."Teesha".  

We appreciate you for visiting the BOUTIQUE F.A.G., even more for donating. 

I won't be long winded here, but a village supports itself.  F.A.G. strives to remain the lowest priced, custom made, more bang for the buck, BOUTIQUE online.  Here's how; 

No Small Business Loans.  I'll have to add a percentage of my pay back to your cost.  F.A.G. has been self funded since the beginning.

No paid staff.  Any staff is commissioned.  That means, if they get a sale, they get a percentage of that sale and the rest comes to the house.  They are literally their own boss but cannot change the house' price.  

Shipping comes from the BOUTIQUE.  Any overseas tariff is paid by F.A.G., you pay domestic costs.  We negotiated a helluva deal with our affiliates.  It's worth the wait. 

F.A.G. makes customization, admin processing, and tailoring a part of your experience and there is no additional cost.  Extra Small/Large sizes are included in our spectrum because we should not be punished for being outside of the "norm". 

I've even created this page as a product because additional applications to the page would cost. No gifts for donating, that adds to the prices as well.  They don't tell you that, but yea, gotta make up for the loss.


Our priority is YOU!

Ok, I said no long wind.  So select and give.
Hint: An increase of quantity allows you to give more.
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